Catfish Calculator

Have you ever caught a trophy fish and after practicing "catch-n-release" were curious how much the lunker weighed? Forgot your scale at the house or in your vehicle? Well, if you keep a measuring tape handy in your tackle box or in your boat, you can take measurements of your catch and get an accurate weight if you follow the directions below using one of the many HuntFishSport Fish Weight Calculators for Muskie, Pike, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Carp, Sunfish and all other general fish.

The two measurements you need to take are Length and Girth. When measuring the length of the fish, be sure to measure from the lower jaw to the tail. When measuring girth, measure at the widest part of the fishes body.

Keep in mind that these calculators are not a substitute for an actual scale as that is the only way to get the exact weight of the fish.

Catfish Weight Calculator

Length (inches):

Girth (inches): * If girth unknown, calculate it using (Length * .58)

Weight: lbs.