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About This Calculator

If you fish mostly for muskies and would like some other educated estimates, this is the weight calculator for you.

The first choice is the standard weight calculation formula passed down to us from the ancients. It is a formula that can be used to calculate other fish species simply by changing the value 800 to something else. [eg. 750 for Steelhead, 650 for Salmon, 1200 for Panfish etc.]

Weight(lbs) = girth" X girth" X (length" / 800)

The second algorithm I chose to include is a formula developed by World renowned Musky Historian Larry Ramsell. It was Mr. Ramsell's contention that the standard accepted formula over-estimated the weight on trophy sized muskellunge. Hence his refinement of the accepted Standard Formula.

Weight(lbs) = (girth"-0.75) X (girth"-0.75) X (length" / 800)

The third formula was developed by researchers Casselman and Crossman who derived their algorithm via linear measurements and weight data from 341 "trophy" muskellunge. Although the formula is shown here in its original metric form, you can input the dimensions in inches and your result will be in pounds as the metric/imperial conversion has been coded into the algorithm.

Weight(kg) = 0.0000418 x ((length-cm X girth-cm)^1.441)